The patient´s contribution for children in hospital is abolished.

Since 2006 KiB children care demands from Austrian legislation to abolish the patient´s contribution for children in hospital. Therefore a lot of political talks, letters, information,... were necessary. Since January 1st, 2017 the contribution is history.

Until 2016 families in Austria had to pay average € 140 for a week of stationary stay in hospital for their child. It was one of only a few countries in Europe where parents had to pay this fee.

Therefore this abolition is a milestone for families with sick children in Austria. The climate in the country became a step more family-friendly and KiB is very proud and happy.
Still there is one drop of bitterness: Parents have to pay for accompanying their sick child to hospital. KiB claims to abolish this payment and works for this right for parents with sick children.

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