French Manifesto for the Rights of Sick Children

In the wake of this year's presidential and parliamentary elections in France, APACHE and almost 500 other organizations working in different fields of children's care prepared a manifesto summarizing in ten points the most urgent problems in child related health care policies. As number ONE the acceptance and implementation of the EACH Charter in all health care facilities in France was requested. Insufficient support of parents of sick children, the requirement of specially trained paediatric staff were listed among further problems.

The Manifesto was sent to all politicians who stood as candidates for election with the request to reply in writing how they personally or their party were willing to work towards a solution of these problems in the forthcoming term of office.

In this way public awareness was raised and in addition the organizations supporting the Manifesto may remind the new members of parliament and the new President of France of the statements received before the election.

For the full text of the Manifesto in French click:

pdfLe Manifeste des Droits des enfants malades

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