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KiB takes care social and financial support of families in two ways:
1. before, while and after a stay in hospital of an ill child
2. to take care of an ill child at home or of the healthy siblings

Our member families – to shaping opinions and to give necessary information’s paediatrics nursing staff - to provide that children cared by staff with specific education home care organisations – to provide the mobile paediatrics nursing care health politics – to incorporate the children’s right into laws media – for public relations family organisations – to take care of an ill child or of the healthy siblings at home

KiB is a unique network of families: The basis of success of our association are the 30.000 member families since 1986 (nineteen hundred eighty six). As a result we have achieved a very good progress for the welfare of children. To bring our aims into effect, fourteen employers are working in our office in Ungenach – a small village in the federal state Upper Austria.
In addition, fourteen persons in the management-committee – are responsible for the activities of KiB on a voluntary basis.

“To raise a child a whole village is needed” KiB children care is such a village and works like an extended family when a child becomes ill. Because parents need the social security of a supporting network in order to be able to combine professional and family life. If the parents contact our association, they can rely on our help and in solving their problem of having a child at home and having to go to work. From Monday to Sunday, night and day parents may call us and they will get quick support.