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Family Centered Care

Warm welcome in Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome

Through the constant analysis of the needs of families, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome has emphasized the importance of building a Family Service organization that is careful to protect the patient and his family from the traumatic effects of hospital admission.


According to Lucia Celesti:

Bewilderment is the dominant sensation for those who have to face with an admission to a hospital, especially if that hospital is far away from home, even worse if the patient is your child and you, the parent, should be a landmark for him. Instead, you don’t know what to do, just feel lost among the information, wards, comings and goings of patients and white coats. (...)

My professional experience as a doctor has increasingly convinced me that family care is a necessary part of treatment. Giving the sensation of being cared for enables the family to focus on the only thing that matters: their child’s health. When I graduated, there was a real dichotomy between healthcare providers, or rather doctors and nurses, and parents. I am sure, instead, that this separation is senseless, and that the parents’ presence in helping and aiding their child’s therapeutic path must be integrated. My great-grandfather, a pediatrician, used to assert that the main doctor is the mother: I believe he was right. (...)

In Italy, however, very few hospitals are organized with Family Services. I describe the way we built an ‘accoglienza’ department dedicated to softening the traumatic experience on the patient and his relatives after their entrance in the hospital.

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pdfLucia Celesti : Family Centered Care : the ‘Accoglienza’ therapy. Medic, 2015;23(1)24-33