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Articles and Agenda setting in context

1Here you will find articles from a special issue of the journal from Kind en Ziekenhuis, the Dutch memberorganisation of EACH.

Kind en Ziekenhuis was founded in 1977 by parents with children that needed to be admitted to hospital. They believed that children would benefit from greater involvement of parents in their admission to and care in the hospital.

Kind en Ziekenhuis has been active now for around thirty years and has grown into an authoritative patients’ organisation. It believes that the hospital care provided to both sick children and healthy newborns must be tailored in every respect to their needs.

The association uses its publication Kind en Ziekenhuis to bring about changes in child care practice. To this end, it publishes a theme number every quarter. The themes, chosen by the journal’s editing team, are always related to the practical experiences of the members of Kind en Ziekenhuis. The publications are distributed among the relevant professional groups in health care, depending on the theme.

Over the years, one area that the association has paid special attention to in this publication is preparation and information of children. There has been a definite improvement in this area in the past few years. The association has however observed that even today many hospitals in the Netherlands still lack a clear policy for informing children. The association believes it is itself to blame for this situation, at least in part. It has slowly but surely had to adjust its vision on informing sick children these past thirty years. Initially, the association believed that all forms of communication with children about sickness and treatment should be encouraged as a matter of course, but nowadays we know that it is essential for parents to be involved in order to ensure their child is fully and successfully informed. There is no one better than a child’s parent to intuit what their child is concerned about and how the child processes the information received. A report covering this development in the association’s ideology concerning informing sick children has been published in a recent themed edition of the Kind en Ziekenhuis journal called Dertig jaar voorlichting (Thirty years of Preparation and Information).

This special issue is an English translation of the Dutch journal edition which Kind en Ziekenhuis published to celebrate their 30th anniversary, but also because they wanted to reach a wider audience than the usual readership in the Netherlands.
If you like you can download a pdf-file as a complete facsimile of the journal. By clicking here: pdf Kind en Ziekenhuis Special Preparation and information